Client Stories

Client Stories

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Your Success Is Our Motivation

Your Success Is Our Motivation

We built our advisory with a single goal in mind: to help those who need it most. Assisting others is not only our calling but what drives us daily to learn more, do more, and be the best in the business. We humbly invite you to explore our clients' stories and hope to discuss your financial goals soon.

Real stories from real people, just like you.

"Working with Global Planning Partners when I converted my term insurance was easy and done seamlessly. Even with some prior underwriting challenges, not only was Craig and his team able to quickly turn the transaction, but they were able to attain additional new coverages as well.  This experience will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional living benefits to me and millions in legacy to my family. Thank you!  All of my business partners and family know about GPP now too - Awesome work!.''

- Josh W., Client

"After an introduction to Global Planning Partners from a client of mine, Craig was able to create the right plan for myself and my family. Not only did I attain new cash balance coverages but have been utilizing my conversion option year after year.  The process was so easy, I had to increase coverage for myself and my growing family. Even after the initial transaction, I know that Global Planning Partners systems will continue to remind me when it is time to review my plan or make changes. I love the fact that they are always available and maintain an open line of communication. I am a GPP client for over 5 years now!"

- Morine M., Client

"Global Planning Partners made all the difference for our family when we were referred directly to them by our current life insurance carrier. They took the time and fully explained all of our options so that it made all the sense in the world.  Craig was able to find us new insurance coverage at super favorable rates.  Global Planning Partners had the term carriers competing amongst themselves for OUR business! They were even able to set it up so that we can start to convert our large block of term in increments in the upcoming months.  We are so happy for the introduction and can't wait to start to accumulate more cash!."

- Steven & Krissy V., Client

"My mother had been utilizing Global Planning Partners’ services for years, and always raved about the white-glove service. I decided to have Craig and his team review my current investments and they did not disappoint. They were able to educate me, attain cash balance plans along with substantial coverage for myself and my family. 

Thank you, Craig! As a young woman, I feel more confident building my financial wealth with the Global Planning Partners team by my side!"

- Gaby L., Client

"Working with the Global Planning Partners team made the entire life insurance process simple. Craig's vast experience shows. He educated us on all of our options and we never felt rushed or pushed.  His team manage to quickly accomplish everything we discussed and my family's financial plan is right on track. I cannot imagine having anyone else but Global Planning Partners handle our estate and financial future - and I am an licensed insurance agent!

- Jhoshua P., Client

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